Aggregated CodeNarc reports possible?

I have 3 Groovy source sets in the same project:

  • main
  • test (for the test task)
  • integrationTest (for the integrationTest task created with the testsets plugin

For each task I got a CodeNarc report task as expected (codenarcMain, codenarcTest, codenarcIntegrationTest).

However, they create HTML reports separately. This is not so usable for me, because I have to open whichever report contains errors. What I would like to have is a task that combines the reports for each source sets. Do you see a possibility for that?

For JaCoCo, I saw a documented way:

Although lately that changed into something I don’t fully understand yet (but I’m going to learn about it):

If it helps more, I have an actual an example project, which is my hobby/study project, where the problem was experienced.