After changing the Android minSdk version number, my project is throwing errors

When I changed it from 24 to 23, the error message was as follows:

   > Failed to transform classes.jar (project :dlna-core) to match attributes {artifactType=android-dex, asm-transformed-variant=NONE,,,, dexing-enable-desugaring=true, dexing-is-debuggable=true, dexing-min-sdk=23, org.gradle.category=library, org.gradle.jvm.environment=android, org.gradle.libraryelements=jar, org.gradle.usage=java-runtime, org.jetbrains.kotlin.platform.type=androidJvm}.
      > Could not resolve all files for configuration ':app:debugRuntimeClasspath'.
         > No variants of org.eclipse.jetty.orbit:javax.servlet:3.0.0.v201112011016 match the consumer attributes:
             - org.eclipse.jetty.orbit:javax.servlet:3.0.0.v201112011016 configuration runtime declares a runtime of a component:
                 - Incompatible because this component declares a component, as well as attribute 'artifactType' with value 'orbit' and the consumer needed a component, as well as attribute 'artifactType' with value 'android-classes-jar'
                 - Other compatible attributes:
                     - Doesn't say anything about asm-transformed-variant (required 'NONE')
                     - Doesn't say anything about (required '7.2.2')
                     - Doesn't say anything about (required 'debug')
                     - Doesn't say anything about dexing-enable-desugaring (required 'true')
                     - Doesn't say anything about dexing-is-debuggable (required 'true')
                     - Doesn't say anything about dexing-min-sdk (required '23')
                     - Doesn't say anything about its target Java environment (preferred optimized for Android)
                     - Doesn't say anything about org.jetbrains.kotlin.platform.type (required 'androidJvm')

How should I resolve this exception?