Adding Gradle Nature to Project fails

When I try to select the menu item: context menu >> Configure >> “Add Gradle Nature” on an existing Eclipse project, this results in an error message saying:

Synchronize Gradle Projects with Workspace failed due to an error connecting to the gradle build
Could not install gradle Distribution from ‘

Following more error Messages, discribing some Network Problem.

I have a local gradle 4.0 installation, there is no need to connect to the internet, nor do I want to use gradle 3.5.

How can I handle this problem?

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The Add Gradle Nature has a very simple implementation that always uses the Gradle version defined by the org.gradle.toolingapi plugin. In the upcoming Buildship 2.1.0 release we changed this behavior so that you can define a default Gradle version in your workspace settings. We’ll publish the release early next week. If you don’t want to wait, you cantry the latest snapshot.