Adding files to continous build watch-list

I have a task which launches external command-line script for generating files (custom asciidoc, pandoc, latex2pdf solution). I discovered that there is incubating feature continuous build (, which seams like a tool for running this script if my input files change (editing & saving).

Looking through documentation, I understood that if I added those files into main or test resources, it should work out of the box. The problem is that I’m not using any plugins, only self-defined tasks.

The Java plugin is only an example. Continuous build works based on task inputs and will work with custom tasks too.

Thank you for your answer.

I added inputs.files to my task something like this:

task example {
    inputs.files fileTree(...)

This was enough to trigger a continuous build after modifying my input files.

There’s a problem in that script: The << means “do this at execution time”. But you want to configure inputs at configuration time, so leave out the <<.

I guess you just wrote it accidentally in your post, because your build would not work properly if it contained that.

We will probably remove << at some point as it’s confusing. It’s shorthand for ´doLast {}´

Thanks again for correction. You are correct, I didn’t test it. I didn’t want show my real build & wanted to add some example for others.

I’ll edit it out of my previous post.

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