Adding dependencies to projects

We have a single root gradle project whose settings.gradle refers all subprojects we want to check out, like this = '_buildshipTest'
includeFlat 'EtherlabWrapper'
includeFlat 'Graphics3DAdapter'
includeFlat 'IHMCCommunication'
includeFlat 'IHMCRealtime'
includeFlat 'IHMCUtilities'

All these projects lack a settings.gradle but have dependencies on each other. This imports fine in buildship. However, when we add another project we can’t figure out how to import this project using buildship, except deleting all projects and re-importing the root project.

Do we overlook something or is this non-existant functionality?

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The current version of Buildship doesn’t support adding new modules to the existing list. The workaround you explained is currently the only way of handling this use case.

Nonetheless this is a missing feature and we intend to implement the functionality. If you are interested you can subscribe to bug 471800 in Bugzilla to track the progress for this story.

Thank you. I’ll be testing buildship for our purposes the coming weeks but so far it looks way faster and less complex for the user than the previous gradle plugin we used. Unfortunately we add projects quite often, making this feature a blocker for us.

If there is any way for us to support inclusion of this feature, please let us know.

  • Jesper

We will most likely improve the ‘refresh projects’ functionality in version 1.0.2.

Regards, Etienne