Add project repos to Publising repos using Rule Source

Following my recent problems with Gradle 2.4 (see Change of behaviour for @Finalize between 2.3 and 2.4 release), I’m trying to transition all my plugin logic to the new rule based model configuration.

I’m struggling with one thing I want to do:
Before, I was adding all the project repositories to the PublishExtension repositories, like that:

        project.repositories.all { repo ->
            if (repo instanceof IvyArtifactRepository) {
                project.getExtensions().configure(PublishingExtension, new ClosureBackedAction<PublishingExtension>({ repositories.add(repo) }))

This seems to cause problem now (see the linked post and my attempt at understanding the problem)
So I’m trying to change it to a rule, like that

static class Rule extends RuleSource {
     * Add all Ivy repo from project repo to the publishing repo
     * @param publishRepos
    public void addProjectRepoToPublishRepo(PublishingExtension publishingExtension, xxxxxxx){


I’m struggling to fine the correct input parameter to put in the @Mutate method.
I want to add some repos to the PublishingExtension, so the PublishingExtension is definitely the subject here.
I want to get the project’s repositories as input, so I tried

public void addProjectRepoToPublishRepo(PublishingExtension publishingExtension, @Path(“repositories”) RepositoryHandler projectRepos)

But this fails to bound

I can I get hold on the project repos, as a rule input, in order to copy its content to the publishing extension repos ?

Just a heads up to correct my first post:
The repositories ‘transfer’ from the project repos handler to the publishing repos handler is NOT what is causing Change of behaviour for @Finalize between 2.3 and 2.4 release

But I’d like to know anyway if there is right now a way to use the project repos as rule subject/ input