Add custom Javadoc option that does not take an argument

I am attempting to use the UmlGraph doclet with a Javadoc task. UmlGraphDoc has options that do not take an argument. Is there a way to pass these using gradle? I have tried various incantations of the add option methods of ‘CoreJavadocOptions’, but none have yielded the result I am looking for.

This is the ant doclet tag that I would need to translate. The ‘-inferrel’ and ‘-inferdep’ options don’t have args, for example.

<doclet name="org.umlgraph.doclet.UmlGraphDoc" path="${lib}/UMLGraph.jar">
            <param name="-inferrel"/>
            <param name="-inferdep"/>
            <param name="-hide" value="java.*"/>
            <param name="-collpackages" value="java.util.*"/>
            <param name="-qualify"/>
            <param name="-postfixpackage"/>
            <param name="-nodefontsize" value="9"/>
            <param name="-nodefontpackagesize" value="7"/>
            <param name="-link" value=""/>
            <param name="-link" value=""/>
task javadoc(type: Javadoc) {
  source subprojects.sourceSets*.main*.allJava
  classpath = files(subprojects.sourceSets*.main*.compileClasspath)
  options.docletpath = configurations.javadoclet.files.asType(List)
  options.doclet = 'org.umlgraph.doclet.UmlGraphDoc'
  options.classpath subprojects.sourceSets*.main*.classesDir
  options.memberLevel = 'PRIVATE'
  // These result in the option not being passed at all.
  options.addStringOption('inferrel', null)
  // This results in an empty string as an argument to the option, which is invalid.
  options.addStringOption('inferrel', '')

It appears that there is also no way to specify that an option should be listed multiple times. For example: “-hide foo -hide bar”. Invoking addStringOption() appears to end up putting the option in a map by name, so the last call’s value is the only one that is used.

Has this issue changed in the last year?

@aogail, Did you ever figure this out? I’ve just hit the same problem.

Just figured out a way to make this work - found this example:

Here, the javadoc task includes options from a file:

options.optionFiles << file('javadoc.options')

where the javadoc.options file looks like this:

-doclet 'org.umlgraph.doclet.UmlGraphDoc' -attributes -types -inferrel
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