About composite builds

(Kurt Seebauer) #1


I have a web project that produces several wars, let’s call them frontend and backend, that are usually built and deployed at once. Each of them uses a set of common internal dependencies which in turn share a set of managed external dependencies.

Right now im building the projects seperately, each of the wars has its own gradle wrapper and needs its own compile run.

Is this a good use case for a composite build? Is the composite build intended to produce several artefacts at all? The documentation seems to be all about a single root project with hierarchical dependencies, kind of the opposite of what I’m doing.


(Stefan Oehme) #2

Composites are about combining builds that should remain independent, e.g. for debugging or integration testing or for breaking down a monolith.

This sounds more like you want them to be one build in one repository. In that case they should just be a single multi-project build.