2 independent projects depending on eachother with out being a MultiProject

I am working on 2 independent projects in eclipse lets say A and B. Project A depends on an artifact produced by Project B so I want Eclipse to put project B on Project A’s Build path.

1st guess was to just adding project B to project A’s Build path using eclipse but that did not work because it gets removed from the build path when you refresh dependencies on Project A.

Another thing I tried was building Project B and then adding the jar artifact as an external jar dependency using eclipse.
The problem with this tho is that i did not get any of the other transitive dependencies.

Is there any way that we can do this in gradle without having them be a part of the same Multi-Project?

Project A and B are only tangentially related and cannot be part of the same multi-project.

Thanks, Brian

Eclipse Mars
Gradle IDE 3.7.0