2.4-rc1 javadoc errors

Hi guys

Not a bug per se, feel free to move it somewhere else more appropriate if needed.
I noticed a few typos (probably copy/paste typo) on javadocs for

=> Mutate rules execute after Mutate rules, but before Validate rules.

and also
=> Mutate rules execute after Mutate rules, but before Validate rules.

Great job with this release. I can’t wait to use this domain model more and more.
I’ve already written some plugins with @Finalize, and it’s working great.

Small question as well:
On the user guide section (https://gradle.org/docs/release-candidate/userguide/new_model.html) nothing is said about the @Defaults, @Finalize and @Validate annotations.

Does this mean something like

  • there are more likely to be changed than the others ?
  • more error-prone at the moment ?

Thanks for reporting this. I have gone ahead and fixed the typos you listed here.

As for the documentation, the section on rule based configuration in the user guide for 2.4 is just a first pass at documenting the new configuration model. The omission of these specific rules says nothing about them in particular other than the documentation itself is a WIP and will become increasingly more complete in future Gradle releases.

Almost ok :smile:
For @Validate
Now it says “Validate rules execute after Mutate rules, but before Validate rules.”, saying that validate rules are executed before themselves :wink:
I should have been more precise when pointing the mistake in @Validate in the first place, sorry about that.

I should have probably read the javadoc in full :smile:

This is fixed in master. Since 2.4-rc-2 has already been released it will make in 2.5.