1.0-milestone-7 downloads all poms from a repository when resolving a dynamic dependency

A behavior I’ve come across in m7 is that when querying dynamic modules in nexus it starts by downloading all poms listed in maven-metadata.xml for the module in question (regardless of any version matching). This is causing a severe performance problem for me since many of the modules I’m depending on have 60+ versions available (many major and minor versions) and the whole lot is downloaded for examination (my assumption).

Is there anyway to trust the maven-metadata.xml and just download the desired pom?

Sorry for not being able to state the question in the title better but I didn’t find a way for the question to make any sense without an explanation.

regards gretar

This should be fixed in Milestone 8 (out soon). Can you try out a recent nightly build (http://gradle.org/nightly) and see if it works for you?

I have not found this to be a problem in 1.0-milestone-8-20120202000029+0100.