1.0-milestone-5 appears to be significantly faster than 1.0-milestone-4

(Merlyn Albery-Speyer) #1

My multi-project build has a fair number of subprojects. Comparing profile reports for the same task which the same up-to-date statuses:

  • milestone-4 reports “Total Build Time 52.949” of which “Total Task Execution 48.006”.

  • milestone-5 reports “Total Build Time 26.008s” of which “Task Execution 21.646s”

From what I can tell the source of the efficiency is the time taken in compileJava/compile (dependency resolution?). “:xxxx:xxxx:compileJava 16.389 UP-TO-DATE” versus “:xxxx:xxxx:compile 0.979s”.

(Matthew McCullough) #2

'gradle --profile ’ always yields some nice HTML stats on what is taking time too. Love seeing the output of that as it gives all of us “from the field” numbers to think about.