The profile report seems to contain inconsistent data. What numbers can I trust?

I’m getting the following data when running with the ‘–profile’ switch …

Total Build Time :: 21m13.95s > Startup :: 2.849s > Settings and BuildSrc :: 19.266s > Loading Projects :: 0.413s > Configuring Projects :: 20m3.17s > Task Execution :: 19m54.35s

The Total Build Time doesn’t seem to be the sum of the lines below. Am I missing something?

The total build time should be accurate. The subcategories aren’t exhaustive. For example, time spent in a ‘gradle.buildFinished’ callback won’t show up in any subcategory. There might be room for improvement here.

Thanks Peter. I’m mainly referring to the Configuring Projects entry. The time reported there seems to be always wrong and doesn’t match with what gets reported at the Configuration page.