"You can't change a configuration which is not in unresolved state!" Exception since MST9

(pascal.stieber) #1

Hey out there,

I want to update to mst9. I installed the new gradle version and got some strange exceptions:

I get “You can’t change a configuration which is not in unresolved state!” to buildscript evaluate time. The line which gradle error output calls, contains only "apply plugin: ‘war’ "

When I remark this line I’ll get another corrupt build.gradle in another submodule called from gradles error output. This line contains: “runtime group: ‘myRepoModule’, name: ‘myLib’, version: '5.5.5”

Could somebody help, post an idea, could reproduce!?!?!

Best regards,

Pascal Stieber

(Benjamin Muschko) #2

Can you post your full build script?

(pascal.stieber) #3

that won’t be possible, but i’ll try to give an representative example.

apply plugin: 'war'
  version = '1.0-SNAPSHOT'
  dependencies {
    compile project(':otherProject')
    runtime group: 'myModule', name: 'myLib', version: '5.5.5'
  task myJar(type: Jar) {
    classifier = 'class'
       from (sourceSets.main.output.classesDir) {
        include (
 //some files/dirs
  war {
    classpath = []
    webInf {
        into ('classes') {
            from (sourceSets.main.output.classesDir){
                include "dir/to/myClass.class"
            from (sourceSets.main.output.resourcesDir){
                include "myProperty.properties"
    archiveName = 'myWar.war'
    manifest {
        afterEvaluate {
            def warManifestClasspath = []
            jars = (configurations.runtime + fileTree("build/libs")).each { File f ->
                warManifestClasspath << (f.name.endsWith('-classif.jar'))
            attributes (
               //some attributes
  artifacts {
    archives (

Hope that’s good enough!!!

Thanks in advanced and greetings!

(Luke Daley) #4

That’s not quite enough to pinpoint it exactly, but I can get a general idea.

As soon as you ask a configuration for its files, it resolves and becomes locked. My guess would be that you are triggering the resolution of a child project’s configurations from the parent build (or anywhere higher up).

It’s going to be impossible to pinpoint the exact cause without a reproducible sample unfortunately.