With cpp-library plugin, how can one set the actually library name?

Bear with me as I am a newbie to the new native cpp plugins. How can one specify the specific library name for a cpp-library project. I know that it defaults partially to the projectRoot.name but I cannot change that. Basically I need to set the specific link output name as “libXXX.so.3.0.51” for example, and not “libXXX.so”

Use the BaseName property as
library {
baseName = “Foo-3.2.1”

Good suggestion @zosrothko. However, this specific case has the version number after the extension which isn’t supported at the moment. The best way to generate this is to have a “packaging” task that rename the output of the link task. To prevent breaking up-to-dateness of the link task, it would need to copy the file to a new location. Unfortunately, we don’t yet handle this custom packaging scenario for publication so that would be another headache.