Will there be a `@managed` DependentSourceSet anytime soon in the new software model

(Max Bruchmann) #1

I’m trying to setup a custom LanguageSourceSet that also should have dependencies. I saw that in the new software model there is also a DependentSourceSet but it’s getDependencies() method returns a DependencySpecContainer that is unmanged.

As far as I get it I would have to provide my own implementation of the DependentSourceSet and DependencySpecContainer then right?

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(Andrew Oberstar) #2

Just a +1 for this. Lots of rough spots right now in the model space that make it difficult to build new plugins (particularly language ones).

(Max Bruchmann) #3

@mark_vieira is there any general roadmap for the software model that covers that?

(Mark Vieira) #4

There currently aren’t any concrete plans related to this. One thing we do want to do though is improve some of the Gradle core plugins to use primarily public APIs. Part of this is moving things more to managed models. Right now though there isn’t a lot of work going on in that area but that is likely to change as we work on support for Swift.

(Max Bruchmann) #5

Hi Mark,
thanks for the update.

to be honest I got already the feeling that the Software Model will have the same forever incubating status as the maven-publishing plugin…

I guess I will get back to it when you guys start working on swift then :slight_smile: