Where to find list of things that can be injected into a @Mutate rule in a RuleSource plugin

So far I found two ways to inject into a @Mutate or @Model methods: ModelMap and @Path.

It’s really hard to find what’s supported in the model space or (@Path space).

It’d be great if someone could point me to the list of project elements that could be injected into a RuleSource plugin?

Basically, it can be anything that shows up in the model report.

Thanks @mark_vieira

Correct me if I’m wrong but looks like only Tasks can be injected as of now using @ModelMap or set.

That documentation doesn’t mention about the elements available in @Path like buildDir or extensions.

By default yes. If you are using any of the native language, play or java component plugins you’ll notice there are more containers added to the model.

These are internal constructs and not to be considered public API. Also why they don’t show up in the model report.

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