When using --no-daemon a daemon is still started:

I noticed that a gradle daemon process is started always even when using --no-daemon.

When I launch gradle with --no-daemon -i the following is printed in output:

Starting daemon process: workingDir = /home/corneil/.gradle/daemon/2.5, daemonArgs: [/home/corneil/eaf/software/jdk/bin/java, -XX:MaxPermSize=256m, -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError, -Xmx1024m, -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8, -Duser.country=ZA, -Duser.language=en, -Duser.variant, -cp, /home/corneil/eaf/software/gradle-2.5/lib/gradle-launcher-2.5.jar, org.gradle.launcher.daemon.bootstrap.GradleDaemon, 2.5]
Starting process 'Gradle build daemon'. Working directory: /home/corneil/.gradle/daemon/2.5 Command: /home/corneil/eaf/software/jdk/bin/java -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -Xmx1024m -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Duser.country=ZA -Duser.language=en -Duser.variant -cp /home/corneil/eaf/software/gradle-2.5/lib/gradle-launcher-2.5.jar org.gradle.launcher.daemon.bootstrap.GradleDaemon 2.5
Successfully started process 'Gradle build daemon'

do you have a org.gradle.jvmargs declared in your project.properties?
if this is declared gradle always spawns a new process with the matching
memory setup. but in difference to a daemon process, this process stops
after the build is finished.


same is true for ‘org.gradle.java.home’

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