When does maven-publish plugin compute the artifacts full name i.e. including the version specification?

(Per Agerbæk) #1

I computed the project.version from taskGraph.whenReady, but the publish task cannot find the artifact. The artifact name in the error message is without version information, perhaps because the full name was computed before the version was available.

Error message: Invalid publication ‘mavenJava’: artifact file does not exist: ‘/Users/per/projects/comp-build-tools/comp-release-test/comp-release-test-gradle/build/libs/comp-release-test-gradle.jar’

Actually the version for the build was set to 1.7.1 and there was a file named comp-release-test-gradle-1.7.1.jar

I would like to use the whenReady closure as it gives me access to the populated taskGraph allowing users to use abbreviated task names and the plugin to look for the full task names.