When does a version conflict happen, on artifactId, or group+artifactId?

Do two dependencies conflict if they share an artifactId, or if they share the same group plus artifactId?

By version conflict you mean, that a build will fail because you include 2 versions of the same dependency?

This fails if groupId + artifactId are the same, but version differs. (dontknow how its affected by extension and classifier though)

No I mean are two artifacts considered the same for dependency resolution if they have two different values for their respective groups. In other words, will ‘com.example:artifact’ and ‘org.example:artifact’ resolve to the same version of artifact on my classpath (where gradle by default will choose the latest), or will I get two copies of artifact (because gradle considers the artifacts different and puts both on the classpath)?

This question has been answered on stackoverflow.

Are you sure that’s the correct answer? I was lead to believe otherwise.

The answer is correct.