What to do when nobody answers your topic?

It has happend several times now that I asked a question and no one did respond, while I still need assitance with them.

What should I do with these questions? Should I push them?

What about buying paid support?

Or making experts your friends?

Most questions posted here are answered by a certain few of the Gradle Core Developers, time permitting, and a handful of community regulars. This is either spare or volunteered time.

I don’t think it should be any surprise that we mostly answer questions in areas that the we work with or use regularly. There are going to be gaps as it seems most regular answerers here are traditional JVM developers, and don’t do much with Android or native.

Plus, the end of the year / holidays don’t help. Schedules are different and there are different distractions.

So, outside of paid options, the best thing you can do is make it easy and fun to help you. Specific questions, complete code examples, etc. are great. Leaving out information that you have, but wait for someone to ask for it is not. And while you’re waiting, if you can answer some other questions, your question might become that much more enticing, both for appreciation and simple process of elimination.

Don’t get me wrong here! I’m not trying to complain but instead genuinely asking what I can do to increase the likeyhood of my questions being answered.

Do you know anywhere I can get paid support for Gradle as an individual? I know that Gradle offers Enterprise services, though I’m neither an enterprise, nor do I have the money to purchase a service aimed at enterprises.

Hi @BrainStone.

It’s not something that there’s a hard and fast rule for. We make a best effort on answering users, but we don’t commit to answering everything.

My best is advice is to just make sure you ask questions well and make it as easy as possible for people to help you. There are plenty of decent blog posts around on how to ask for technical help well if you aren’t familiar. Beyond that, refreshing a post if you don’t get an answer for some time indicating that you are still facing the problem is a good strategy.

What are the questions that you are looking for help with?

Currently I’m mainly looking for help with the following two topics:

Generally speaking I think I post questions with appropriate amount of details.