What publish settings do I use to publish Gradle plugin to Bintray?

I have successfully published Gradle plugins to Maven Central for years. I want to use the new Bintray system but can’t find adequate documentation.

Step #2 at https://plugins.gradle.org/submit gives no information about what settings to use with either of the listed tools (Bintray plugin or OSA instance). I struck out to use the Bintray plugin because it looks more direct. The Bintray site documentation understandably has nothing about publishing Gradle plugins. The Gradle Bintray plugin documentation at https://github.com/bintray/gradle-bintray-plugin has nothing about publishing a Gradle plugin.

For the Bintray plugin…

  1. What Bintray repository type should I create to hold Gradle plugin packages? Can I use the out-of-the-box Maven repository, the out-of-the-box Generic reposiotry, or create a new repository of one type or the other? 1. Do I specify configurations, publications, and/or filesSpec, and with what values? Should I specify only a fileSpec for just the plugin jar file? 1. Is GPG signing required? If not, then what would be the consequences to automation (for end-users) to signing vs. not signing? 1. I have been signing my plugins on Maven Central so probably no reason for me not to sign them on Bintray. I have uploaded my public and private GPG keys to my Bintray account, so how would I have Bintray sign with that as opposed to specifying my GPG passphrase to the Bintray plugin in the version block?

I’ve not done it myself but the new(ish) gradle plugin registry is driven by Bintray http://plugins.gradle.org/ http://plugins.gradle.org/submit

So you can probably find a random plugin and click through to the source and take a look at the build.gradle eg: https://github.com/stevesaliman/gradle-cobertura-plugin/blob/master/build.gradle

I should have thought of that. Thanks Lance.