What is the correct way to link 3rd party C++ libraries in Gradle?

I am currently trying to evaluate the use of Gradle C++ for a project that will have both Java and C++ components (with JNI to interface). I could just use CMake for the C++ portion, but then I would have 2 build systems which is less cleanly organized. As such, I prefer to use Gradle’s C++ system in a multi-project build if it has the support that I need. The main thing that I can’t find any detailed information (with code examples, etc.) is the linking of libraries. For Cmake, it is simple: use find_package or the pkg-config module. Every library (that I have tried to use) offers at least one of those systems. With Gradle, however, it only seems to document it for linking to C++ libraries that are built in the same project. What if, for example, I want to link to Vulkan, SFML, OpenGl, yaml-cpp, Boost, or any number of established and FOSS C++ libraries? The documentation also doesn’t specify how to control dynamic or static linking.

It looks like my post got buried because it was already old when it got approved. As such, I’m posting again to give it a chance at the top of the queue.