War build: adding files from multiple WEB-INF sources


The project I am working on is moving from Ant to Gradle and the source for the war app is using a common WEB-INF, in addition to the applications own WEB-INF. The ant build combines these two into the war file WEB-INF. In general its a good idea to use a common WEB-INF and an app specific one, but I am not sure how to solve that in Gradle.

For dependencies its easy to add a dependency from a common project module, so that both common libs and the app libs are merged in the war files lib folder.

Is there a way to do the same ting for web-inf directories in a war task?
Alternatively is there a way to add add single files from the common project into a specific directory in WEB-INF?
( I tried using from{}, but it copies the files into the root of the war file, instead of WEB-INF )