Visibility into link step on Android Studio, Linux, NDK build with gradle

I’m attempting to build an NDK binary within Android Studio on a Linux (Ubuntu 14) system, using gradle. I am attempting to use the OpenSLES audio library. I consistently get unresolved references to OpenSLES symbols, though they appear to be there. I am having trouble gaining visibility into the “ld” action and would like help. What I have checked so far:
jni/ has at least:
TARGET_PLATFORM := android-21
TARGET_ARC_ABI := arm64-v8a
LOCAL_LDLIBS := -lOpenSLES -llog
jni/ has at least:
APP_ABI := arm64-v8a
APP_PLATFORM := android-21 contains:
(was necessary to get around an earlier problem), has
ndk.dir= [path to ndk]
I believe gradle is version 2.4 and Android Studio is version 1.3.2.
My NDK (r10e) has the (platforms/android-21/arch-arm64/usr/lib/
The lib appears to have the symbols required, e.g. “slCreateEngine”.
It is not clear to me how the build system resolves the information to a particular library input. I have attempted:
(Android Studio) File/Settings/Compiler Command-line Options – add --debug
This increases the gradle console output but does not given any indication of what libraries were used during the link step. I have also tried:
(in build.gradle) adding: “linker.args “-verbose”” (for the Gcc toolchain) but this does not provide any additional output which allows me to determine what library is being linked to.
How do I gain visibility into the link stage of the build to debug this? I can not tell if the issue is that it is not searching the right location, or if there is a name-decoration issue (C/C++) or something else. I do get successful builds using ndk-build from a terminal shell on the same project(s), but would like to work within Android Studio for development and target debugging.

FYI: Since this has nothing todo with buildship, I moved this topic into the general help section.