Using the output of a task in configuring a publication using maven-publish

(Darshak Thakore) #1

Hi, I’m trying to use the maven-publish plugin to publish an artifact with a custom pom. The actual artifact is being generated from a source folder that is also a git repository. I’m using the gradle-git plugin and the GitLog task to extract the commit id that corresponds to the source zip. My publication snippet looks like this

publishing {
    repositories distConfig
      publications {
        sourcePkg(MavenPublication) {
            artifact source: sourceZip, classifier: "src", extension: "zip"
              pom.withXml {
                asNode().appendNode('scm').appendNode('tag', new File("$buildDir/$versionClassifier").text )

I am attempting to configure the pom to put in the git commit id in the pom.scm.tag element. I have created a custom task of type GitLog, that parses the last commit id and saves it into a file

task gitLog(type: GitLog) {
    repoPath = "${gitDependenciesDir}/${}"
    maxCommits = 1
    doLast {
        versionFile = new File("$buildDir/$versionClassifier")
        log.each {
            versionFile.write( it.abbreviatedId )

When i run something like “gradle publishToMavenLoca”, i am getting an error that the file is not there since it seems the eneratePomFileForSourcePkgPublication task is being called before my GitLog task.

Can someone provide some insight into how i can take the output of the GitLog task and save it somehow so that i can use it in the publication to configure my pom?

(Peter Niederwieser) #2

Don’t you just need to add a task dependency on ‘gitLog’?

(Darshak Thakore) #3

That’s what i’m trying to do. I tried to do


but that doesn’t seem to do anything. Also it is unclear as to how i can actually manipulate the tasks added by the maven-publish plugin.

I have the sourcePkg task which is a MavenPublication, depend on my sourceZip task which in turn depends on the gitLog task. However when i run 'gradle publishToMavenLocal --info", i get the following execution order

Tasks to be executed: [task ':generatePomFileForSourcePkgPublication', task ':gitLog', task ':gitStatus', task ':sourceZip', task ':publishSourcePkgPublicationToMavenLocal', task ':publishToMavenLocal']

I’m trying to figure out how to manipulate the gradle-publish plugin so that my ‘gitLog’ task runs before the ‘generatePomFileForSourcePkgPublication’ task since the gitLog task generates the information necessary to be included in the pom file.

(Peter Niederwieser) #4

I’m trying to figure out how to manipulate the gradle-publish plugin so that my ‘gitLog’ task runs before the ‘generatePomFileForSourcePkgPublication’ task

That would be ‘generatePomFileForSourcePkgPublication.dependsOn(gitLog)’. If that blows up, you might have to wrap it in ‘afterEvaluate { … }’.