Using properties from subproject in "subprojects" : Could not find property 'something' on project ':subproject'

I have a project with subprojects, and I want to define that the manifest file for all subproject jars contains the same format of metadata (but eg. with different versions):

subprojects {
apply plugin: ‘java’

jar {
manifest {
attributes(“Implementation-Title”: “sometext”,
“Implementation-Vendor”: “company name here”,
“Build-Timestamp”: project.tstamp,
“Implementation-Version”: “${project.projectversion}.${project.revision}”)

Now in each subproject I define:
project.ext {
projectversion = "1.2"
revision = "12321"
tstamp = “eg. get date by new Date().toString()”

But I always get:

Could not find property ‘tstamp’ on project ‘:subproject’.

Why is that? - Perhaps this is a newbie question, but I don’t seem to grasp it. Why are the project.ext properties in the subprojects not evaluated?

The subproject’s build script runs after the root project, that’s why the properties are not there yet. You can work around this by making sure you evaluate them lazily:

BTW, there already is a version attribute on the Gradle project by default, no need to design your own :slight_smile:

I tried your suggestion, using “${…}”, but this still doesn’t work:

A problem occurred evaluating root project 'Name'.
> Could not find property 'tstamp' on project ':commonLib'.

You are of cause right about the project version, I will change that.

Perhaps my question is wrong. What i want to achieve, is define a template for jar generation, where certain things are always set in the same way, eg. the “Implementation-Version” should always contain the SVN revision, but the revision might be different for each subproject (different repositories!). On the other hand, the “Implementation-vendor” should always be the same, and I do not want to define it in each build.gradle file.

I think you can initialize the property in your main proj-config and then use it in sub-project…

     myProp = property('my.common.version')

and then in sub-proj. you should be able to access it