Using Gradle to drive an editing framework over a custom domain model


I’m still learning about Gradle but I do have a specific use case in mind and I’m not sure if it is feasible to implement in Gradle. I’m mostly looking for feedback and pointers for how to get started.

Let’s say I have a complex domain model and an editing framework over this model. The editing framework can be represented as actions that can be made available to users in menus, buttons, etc. but the actions can also be automated in an execution framework like Gradle to do a sequence of actions that do represent a build over the domain model. How can I warp my model and editing framework in Gradle?

I will need to be able to define how my components are wired together by a dependency injection framework and I will need to be able to have my components injected into Gradle components as needed (the tasks, projects, etc.) to be able to do this.

Is this possible? Where do I start? Any existing documentation (other than the guides on the website) that might help? Thank you in advance for any feedback.

Best, Shahim