Using Application plugin to create win/linux app

I packaged an application through the Application plugin and configured the start scripts for both linux and windows, however, I’d like to embed sub applications dedicated to one specific platform (exe or bash scripts) inside the distribution.
When using the main target of the distribution, I embed both windows and linux content at the same time but I’d like to embed in the zip the windows sub application and in the tar the linux one.

I could do two target for distribution but there’s only few specificities, moreover, when I define two target let say win64 and lin64, I don’t inherit the bin/lib structure of the default main distribution :frowning:

distributions {
main {

// get everything both in zip and tarball
win64 {
// have to define script modifications but also lib and directory content for windows :frowning:
lin64 {
// have to redefine script modifications and again lib and directory content for linux (90% similar to windows) :frowning:
Does anybody have any solution for getting distinct content in zip and tarball ?
Or any solution to package few deployment modifications according to a dedicated platform ?