Uploading multiple artifacts few to artifactory and few to web server


I have a requirement that I have to create 2 zips and upload one to artifactory and deploy other to a web server. How do I configure two different uploadArchives, one uploading to artifactory and other to web server?

Task zip = project.tasks.add('zip', Zip.class)
zip.include projectName + '/**'
    Task zipAssetsToDeploy = project.tasks.add('zipAssetsToDeploy', Zip.class)
zipAssetsToDeploy.exclude '.gradle'
    project.artifacts {
  archives zip, zipAssetsToDeploy
                  project.uploadArchives {
      repositories.mavenDeployer {
    repository(url: 'SOME_URL') {
   authentication(userName: 'LOGIN', password: 'PASSWORD')

How do I give ‘sshDeployer’ to upload other zip to server?

I added 2 configurations (one for artifactory upload and other for web serverd deploy) but I am not very clear of linking configuration with Task, artifact and uploadArchives.

configurations {
  artifacts {
  artifactory ...
  webserver ...
  uploadArtifactory { ... }
uploadWebserver { ... }