Uploading a .jar file to a remote repository

This question is related to this one. I’m having a lot of trouble uploading a .jar file to this site. Following the documentation steps described here and here I’ve created a build.gradle file:

// First, apply the publishing plugin
buildscript {
  repositories {
    maven {
      url "https://plugins.gradle.org/m2/"
  dependencies {
    classpath "com.gradle.publish:plugin-publish-plugin:0.9.1"

apply plugin: "com.gradle.plugin-publish"
// Apply other plugins here, e.g. java plugin for a plugin written in java or
// the groovy plugin for a plugin written in groovy
apply plugin: "java"
// If your plugin has any external java dependencies, Gradle will attempt to
// downloaded them from JCenter for anyone using the plugins DSL
// so you should probably use JCenter for dependency resolution in your own
// project.
repositories {

dependencies {
  compile gradleApi()
  compile localGroovy() //not needed for Java plugins
  // other dependencies that your plugin requires
  compile fileTree(dir: "/usr/local/bin", include: ["*.jar"])
  compile fileTree(dir: "/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-jdk/jre/lib/", include: ["*.jar"])
  compile fileTree(dir: "/home/kiara/AppLab/KIARA/kiaragen/lib/", include: ["*.jar"])

pluginBundle {
  // These settings are set for the whole plugin bundle
  website = 'http://www.gradle.org/'
  vcsUrl = 'https://github.com/gradle/gradle'

  // tags and description can be set for the whole bundle here, but can also
  // be set / overridden in the config for specific plugins
  description = 'kiaragen version 0.1.0'
  version = '0.1.0'

  // The plugins block can contain multiple plugin entries.
  // The name for each plugin block below (greetingsPlugin, goodbyePlugin)
  // does not affect the plugin configuration, but they need to be unique
  // for each plugin.

  // Plugin config blocks can set the id, displayName, version, description
  // and tags for each plugin.

  // id and displayName are mandatory.
  // If no version is set, the project version will be used.
  // If no tags or description are set, the tags or description from the
  // pluginBundle block will be used, but they must be set in one of the
  // two places.

  plugins {
    kiaragenPlugin {
      id = 'org.fiware.kiara.generator.kiaragen'
      displayName = 'kiaragen 0.1.0'
      tags = ['kiaragen', 'IDL', 'code', 'generator']
      version = '0.1.0'

The project directory containing the file also contains the .jar file:

$ ls
build  build.gradle  build.gradle.bak  kiaragen-0.1.0.jar  kiaragen-0.2.0.jar  META-INF

META-INF/gradle-plugins/org.fiware.kiara.generator.kiaragen.properties contains the name of the main class:

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Main-Class: org.fiware.kiara.generator.kiaragen

The .jar file I need to upload is kiaragen-0.1.0.jar and its dependencies are located in:



$ gradle publishPluginJar
:publishPluginJar UP-TO-DATE


Total time: 4.435 secs

This build could be faster, please consider using the Gradle Daemon: http://gradle.org/docs/2.4/userguide/gradle_daemon.html

Running with the –info flag gives:

$ gradle publishPluginJar --info
Starting Build
Settings evaluated using settings file '/master/settings.gradle'.
Projects loaded. Root project using build file '/home/kiara/AppLab/KIARA/Uploadkiaragen/build.gradle'.
Included projects: [root project 'Uploadkiaragen']
Evaluating root project 'Uploadkiaragen' using build file '/home/kiara/AppLab/KIARA/Uploadkiaragen/build.gradle'.
All projects evaluated.
Selected primary task 'publishPluginJar' from project :
Tasks to be executed: [task ':publishPluginJar']
:publishPluginJar (Thread[main,5,main]) started.
Skipping task ':publishPluginJar' as it is up-to-date (took 0.086 secs).
:publishPluginJar UP-TO-DATE
:publishPluginJar (Thread[main,5,main]) completed. Took 0.148 secs.


Total time: 4.792 secs
Stopped 0 compiler daemon(s).

This build could be faster, please consider using the Gradle Daemon: http://gradle.org/docs/2.4/userguide/gradle_daemon.html

The problem is that I’m not sure that the .jar file has been uploaded. Loading a different project that makes use of it shows it’s not.
Reading the documentation page:

Some plugins require manual acceptance by the Plugin Portal maintainers, and will not be made available immediately when they are published. This is only the case when you have specified a custom “group ID” for your plugin artifact. The plugin publishing plugin will tell you if your plugin is pending acceptance when you publish.

If your plugin requires changes before it can be accepted, you will be contacted via the email address associated with your account. You will also receive an email when your plugin is accepted.

How does the “plugin publishing plugin” tell me if my plugin is pending acceptance when I publish?


Is this jar that you wish to upload a Gradle plugin? The plugin portal at https://plugins.gradle.org/ is intended just for Gradle plugins which extend the functionality of Gradle itself. If you are building a standard Java library then I would recommend using a service like Bintray for hosting your library.

If it is a plugin, are you building the plugin jar using Gradle? I notice that there isn’t a src directory in your directory listing.



Yes, it is a .jar file. No, it is not specifically meant to extend the functionality of gradle. The .jar file generates interface stubs(java code) starting from an input given in the form of an interface definition language in order to facilitate RPC calls.

There is no src/ directory as I’ve already built the project and currently only want to update the .jar file and use it within a number of projects.

OK, in that case then the Gradle Plugin Portal is not what you need here, and the plugin publishing plugin is not the correct thing to use, as it is solely interested in publishing Gradle plugins to the portal.

If you need your jar loaded on a hosted service that you can then access in other builds, I would recommend Bintray and using the Bintray Gradle Plugin.

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