Upgrade from Gradle 1.8 to 1.12 (ResolvedModuleVersionResult)

Hi everybody,

we try to do the jump from Gradle 1.0 to 2.x and started to do so by adapting the last release before 2.0 first. After the upgrade some classes are no longer existing and I try to figure out if I’m doing this right:

The class ResolvedModuleVersionResult has been removed, the only class resembling it’s structure is ResolvedComponentResult. So in general my question is are ModuleVersion of 1.8 and Component in 1.12 semantically equivalent? AFAIK a module is the external dependency equivalent to the internal project dependency and component can be both? There are 2 interfaces for ComponentSelector (ModuleComponentSelector and ProjectComponentSelector) which lead to my conclusion.

Background: We iterate over a DependencyGraph and do some weird stuff and I just want to make sure that the refactoring of Gradle goes in the right direction.

Thanks a lot,

Just found it in the release notes of 1.10