Unpacking zip fine on rhel 7 but not tar, both fine rhel6!

Hi folks, here’s an interesting one…

We have a gradle script which deploys various artefacts to an env and unpacks them. On the existing rhel6 build agent machines unpacks of both zip files and tar files work fine with various build scripts.

However…now we have moved to rhel7 build agents (identical both in terms of software and .profile/.bashrc etc) and the unpack of zip files still works fine although tar files will not unpack and gives this error:

[12:07:50] *[Gradle failure report] Execution failed for task ****

[12:07:50] *[Gradle failure report] > Unable to expand TAR ***

[12:07:50] [Gradle failure report] The tar might be corrupted or it is compressed in an unexpected way.

[12:07:50] [Gradle failure report] By default the tar tree tries to guess the compression based on the file extension.

[12:07:50] [Gradle failure report] If you need to specify the compression explicitly please refer to the DSL reference.

……So with no other changes other than just pointing team city to a build agent on rhel6 everything will work fine for the build in question but as soon as pointed to rhel7 this issue occurs although *.zip extensions unpack earlier in the build just fine on rhel7, it seems something specific to tar and just on rhel7.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


In my experience, extracting large Tarballs with tarTree() doesn’t work reliably on Linux and is much slower than the tar command. Hence I’ve stopped using tarTree() in favor of running the tar command with Exec/exec().