Unity 5.5.1 / 5.5.2 build issues


(Rafal Labedzki) #1

We try to export Unity3D project and try to build using GRADLE. We use Unity3d 5.5.1, 5.5.2 and following sdk’s:

  • AWS,
  • GooglePlay,
  • Facebook, Upsight,
  • IAP,
  • Tenjin,
  • UnityAndroidExtras.

During building process following errors occur:

  • com.android.build.api.transform.TransformException:
  • java.util.zip.ZipException: duplicate entry:
  • com/cherrypickgames/myhospital/BuildConfig.class

We tried to exclude:

  • exclude group: ‘com.google.firebase’, module: ‘firebase-common’
  • exclude group: ‘com.google.firebase’, module: ‘firebase-core’
  • exclude group: ‘com.google.firebase’, module: ‘firebase-iid’
  • exclude group: ‘support-v4’
  • exclude group: ‘com.android.support’

We tried to delete:

  • dagger
  • gson
  • io-commons
  • javax
  • mopub-volley
  • otto
  • rxjava
  • support-annotations

As a result, we are unable to export and build our project.

(Daniel Lacasse) #2

Hi Rafal,

Could you provide a bit more information regarding what version of Gradle you are using and which Android plugin you are applying? If you could give us an build scan, it would be a lot easier to debug as it contains all the required information.


(Rafal Labedzki) #3

Hi Daniel,

please find enclosed link to our build scan.


Thank you very much for your help.


(Daniel Lacasse) #4

From the build scan and reading online about your specific errors, it seems the errors is related to how your build is configured. Maybe having a look at this stackoverflow question would help get over your failure.

(Rafal Labedzki) #5

Hi Daniel,

thank you for your reply. Maybe you’ve got a different solution for us? One from the link doesn’t work in our case.


(Meyblum) #6

I had the same issue.

The fix was to put packageBuildConfig = false in the android { ... } section of the build.gradle files for each library project:

android {
	packageBuildConfig = false

Even if it’s been depreceated it still working.

(Rafal Labedzki) #7


thank you. I will try your solution ASAP and let you know if it works for us.

Thx for help.

(Meyblum) #8

You can do it easily by modifying the libTemplate.gradle file directly inside your Unity install: