Unable to download dependencies from mavenCentral with proxy authentication


I am running gradle 2.3 through eclipse from behind a proxy server.
I gave the proxy properties in gradle. properties and the build script seems to pick them up while running.
I read the other posts in this forum and stackoverflow and tried the options but couldn’t get it working.
I have created a gist with the debug stacktrace I’m getting.It is here

For some reason when I try to add the link to this post, I’m getting an error saying ‘New users can add only 2 links in the post’ when I try to add only the gist link from github
The gist is at thisisananth/e58edebd4ebf207e7875 after gist.github.com/

Can you please help me resolve the issue.

I don’t have an answer, but you might want to be more specific. What exactly is failing? Have you tried running it outside of the proxy server? Does it behave differently?

Hi David,

Thanks for replying.

This is the error I’m getting
CONNECT refused by proxy: HTTP/1.1 407 Proxy Authentication Required

If you see the github gist I’ve mentioned above, you can see the full stack trace.

I’m able to download the jars without the proxy. But at work, we have to use the proxy, that is why I’m trying to see how I can resolve that issues.