Unable to build my spring boot application

I am running gradle spring boot application in following gradle version:

Gradle 5.6.2

Build time:   2019-09-05 16:13:54 UTC
Revision:     55a5e53d855db8fc7b0e494412fc624051a8e781

Kotlin:       1.3.41
Groovy:       2.5.4
Ant:          Apache Ant(TM) version 1.9.14 compiled on March 12 2019
JVM:          11.0.11 (Ubuntu 11.0.11+9-Ubuntu-0ubuntu2.20.04)
OS:           Linux amd64

I have below plugin details in build.gradle

buildscript {
    ext {
        springBootVersion = '2.2.1.RELEASE'
    repositories {

plugins {
    id 'org.springframework.boot' version '2.2.1.RELEASE'
    id 'io.spring.dependency-management' version '1.0.8.RELEASE'

    id 'application'
    id 'jacoco'

But I am getting below error when I build - gradlew clean build or gradlew build

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
Plugin [id: 'org.springframework.boot', version: '2.2.1.RELEASE'] was not found in any of the following sources:

- Gradle Core Plugins (plugin is not in 'org.gradle' namespace)
- Plugin Repositories (could not resolve plugin artifact 'org.springframework.boot:org.springframework.boot.gradle.plugin:2.2.1.RELEASE')
  Searched in the following repositories:
    Gradle Central Plugin Repository

* Try:
Run with --stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with --info or --debug option to get more log output. Run with --scan to get full insights.

* Get more help at https://help.gradle.org

Could you please suggest me what went wrong here ?

Maybe a temporary hickup?
Works fine here.
Btw. I would not use the io.spring.dependency-management nowadays, but instead the built-in BOM support of Gradle.