Unable to build ./gradlew clean build

this is my first build using gradle. I keep receiving this error message whenever I do: ./gradlew clean build. I receive the attached error message.

can anyone please help…

We can’t really help you with your first build using Gradle if we don’t know anything about your build. The error says your dependencies can’t be resolved, but you could be doing any number of things in your build script that could cause an issue or it could be environmental. You need to provide concrete details about what you have.

In general, the guidelines for getting help say:

If your question is about an error, provide a full stack trace, Gradle version, information about your environment etc, and ideally a build scan too. Screenshots are not sufficient!

But actually one of the problems are the misplaced spaces.

Besides that, two personal recommendations.
If you want a pleasent development experience don’t use a fancy text editor like VSC, but a proper IDE like IntelliJ.

And do not always use clean with a Gradle build.
All that does is showing that you are most probably coming from Maven background.
There it was almost mandatory to always use clean to get reliable and correct builds.
But this is Gradle. If you with a Gradle build need to use clean to get a correct build, something is wrong in your build scripts. :wink:

I really appreciate it and thank you

thank you for helping me catch my error. It actually solved me problem. Again thank you!