Turning off module-path for tests?

We’ve got an Application we’re moving to a modular build, to better take advantage of jpackage. I was reviewing our options for our unit tests and it didn’t come up with a clear winner; seems like other projects have gone with module patching but the “you will most likely see compilation errors in IDEA” discourages me from it.

And yet, IDEA’s test runner is currently passing our test suite, while our gradle test task fails.

So what is IDEA doing? It’s a little hard to tell, because it’s hidden some of its arguments, but I believe it’s simply not using the module path at all. Continuing to put all the project’s classes on the classpath as it did before we added our module-info.java.

Is that an option? Ignore modularity entirely while running our unit tests? That seems like it would be an acceptable compromise while we make this transition.

I tried setting inferModulePath to false in the test task’s ModularitySpec, but that didn’t seem to change anything.