Timeout http is 3 minutes?

I have a project that uses hibernate with the repository.jboss.org maven repository. It seems to be down now, and when trying to build gradle is timing out trying to get a unrelated jar as the repositories are searched in order. The trouble is that the timeout value seems to be 3 minutes, and it hits the jboss repository for every jar, timing out after 3 minutes each time, making a really long build cycle.

Is there a configuration to shorten the timeout on http connections? Three minutes seems a huge value?

It would be nice if gradle would not try a repository for a different jar if it timed out earlier in the same build. The chance of the repository coming back to life is slim in a small time window, and as is the case here, there may not be anything needed in that repository as hibernate was downloaded previously.

A harder problem, but it would be nice if there was a way to give gradle hints about which artifacts come from which repositories. It would be much more efficient if gradle could know that hibernate and its dependencies are at jboss.org and that itext is not likely to be there.

I worked around this by moving jboss to the bottom of the list. Likely commenting it out would also have been effective in order to get the unrelated jars.

thanks, Philip

I’ve raised GRADLE-2345 for this.