The uploadArchives task hangs in Gradle 5.x

I’m trying to update my build from Gradle 4.10 to 5.3, but I’m blocked by the need to upload artifacts to our Maven repository. Version 4.10 works perfectly, but when I update to any 5.x release, the task hangs. When I run witn --info, the last thing I see is “Downloading: com/mycompany/myproject/myproject-devel/maven-metadata.xml from repository remote at scp://myhost/var/www/maven/repo/” and
“Transferring 2K from remote”. Then nothing. If I log on to the server, it does look like artifacts have been published, but the build hangs. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

I know the old maven plugin has been replaced with maven-publish, but until it supports private key authentication, I can’t use it, so I either need to figure out how to make private keys work with the new maven-publish plugin (preferred), or how to get the old plugin working with Gradle 5.

I appreciate any pointers you might have,


OK, so now I feel stupid…

It turns out all I had to do to get the old maven plugin working was to update the wagon-ssh and wagon-ssh-external dependencies to the latest version, which works better with the newer version of Gradle.

If anyone knows how to make the new publishing mechanism work, I’d still be interested in that…