The Badass JLink Plugin JDK runtime for Non-Modular Project

I decided to try the Badass Jlink Plugin, see if that could solve my problem I am having with running JLink in Windows with an additional module path.
I have been using a simple Exec task to run jlink to create a runtime image. I use this runtime image as input to jpackage --runtime-image.

The plugin offers little to no help to create a runtime image for Non-Modular projects.
I just want a plain simple runtime image, with additional modules provided with --module-path and --add-modules.

I cannot get the Jlink plugin to leave my application alone when creating the runtime image. It complains about JavaFX and java.xml.bind. The java.xml.bind is declared as dependencies, and I do not need it in the runtime image. For the JavaFX I have the jmods which I want to add using --add-modules (which the plugin does not have any flag for).

This is my jlink Exec task. It just creates a runtime image I later can use with jpackage to create a native installer. As I said my application is not modular.

task createRuntime(type: Exec) {
    def outputDir = file("${buildDir}/runtime")

    doFirst {
        delete outputDir

    executable = "jlink"
    args = [
        '--module-path', '/usr/java/javafx-jmods-11',
        '--add-modules', 'java.base,java.sql,java.desktop,java.logging,java.scripting,javafx.base,javafx.controls,,javafx.fxml,,javafx.web,javafx.swing',
        '--output', outputDir.path

My attempt to using the Badass JLink Plugin:

jlink {
    def outputDir = file("${buildDir}/runtime")
    imageDir = outputDir
    options = [ '--strip-debug', '--compress', '2', '--no-header-files', '--no-man-pages' ]

    customImage {
      jdkModules = [
        'java.base', 'java.sql', 'java.desktop', 'java.logging', 'java.scripting',
        'javafx.base', 'javafx.controls', '', 'javafx.fxml',
        '', 'javafx.web', 'javafx.swing'

It complains about duplicate modules and modules not found. It seems JLink plugin is running javac on a custom created

error: duplicate module on application module path
  module in
  error: module not found: javafx.swing
  error: module not found: java.xml.bind

It looks more and more like the Badass JLink plugin is mostly only for modular application, even though there are hints it should work with non-modular projects.

Seems I did not read the plugin README well enough.
For Non-Modular projects one needs to use the Badass Runtime Plugin instead.