TestSuite forkEvery not obeyed

When i run my test suites in Netbeans which uses Ant, each test class specified in the test suite is forked in new JVM by default

I have tried he same with gradle by setting forkEvery on the Test task. However it is forking once for the testSuite and running the classes specified in the same jvm.

How can a state that all test classes specified in a test suite should fork a new jvm?

How is your suite defined? How was it defined in the Ant build?

My guess here is that you’re programatically defining your suite in code. If so, is there any reason to do this as opposed to just letting Gradle find the tests?

Netbeans ant default seems to run each test in separate JVM. Just created a standard testsuite in netbeans. Some tests are to be ran as automated tests, some cannot be, so for now I keep them separate.

I’m not able to follow your meaning here. Can you please provide detail about your build and how the test suite is defined.