testReport task does not run when tests fail ie aggregate report is not generated

(daniel_kim) #1

When I run ‘gradle functionaltest’, it does not generate the aggregate report when some tests fail. Instead a report is generated for each respective module, which is written to build/reports. The aggregate report is only generated when all tests succeed. This is an example snippet of my code.

configure(SomeModules) {
    task functionaltest(type: Test){
        group = "Verification"
        description = "Run functional tests."
        scanForTestClasses = false
        include '**/*Suite.class'
  task functionaltest(type: TestReport, dependsOn: ['copy_and_upgrade_config_files']) {
    destinationDir = file("functionalTestReports")
    reportOn SomeModules*.functionaltest

These tasks live in the root build gradle file. I tried running the task with ‘–continue’ but it does not fix my problem. Is there something wrong with my setup?

(Benjamin Muschko) #2

You’ll have to set the property ignoreFailures to ‘true’.

(daniel_kim) #3

That worked. Thanks!

(Radim Kubacki) #4

Also there was a talk that TestReport task should be associated with Test using finalizing dependencies but it is now done yet.