TestNG html reports don't contain standard output of the tests

The html test results from TestNG execution don’t have the standard out/err for the tests. The html test results from JUnit execution have them.

This was supposed to be resolved by GRADLE-2465 but it still doesn’t work.

Please check https://www.dropbox.com/s/e6q7836s8cnwd7w/gradle_logging.zip.

Just tried out your sample, thanks.

It’s log4j that is the problem. It’s eagerly grabbing a reference to System.err so it bypasses our mechanism for capturing what is output. I’ll raise a separate issue for this.

Sorry, slf4j.

Thanks for your response Luke, please paste bug reference here once it’s created so I can watch it.

Raised as GRADLE-2841.

It is log4j not slf4j that I have experienced this issue with.