TestListener does not provide information about test implementation class when it's part of junit suite

Hi everyone,

When you use JUnit Suite runner (@RunWith(Suite.class)) it’s not possible to get information about test implementation class.

That disables me from writing proper (TeamCity) reporting Listener. All tests seems to be part of the ‘suite’ class.

Part of the problem has been fixed in GRADLE-2649, but it’s fix only for internal report.

Or am I missing something?

Thank you for any help.

Is there Jira issue for this problem? It’s really a problem for us as we can’t report tests properly on CI.

Using test execution listener, you can’t see classes with tests

‘Suite > Test method’

Using junit xml report, you can’t see suites:

‘Test class > Test method’

What we need is the full hierarchy:

‘Suite > Test class > Test method’