TestBundlePlugin fails to start Eclipse test runner

I am currently trying to migrate a maven/tycho based multi project build to gradle/buildship. The project tree contains a mix of Eclipse artifacts (plug-ins, unit test plug-in fragments, features, update sites) and plain Java libraries and applications. I have successfully built the first plug-in, feature, update site and plain Java projects. However, I am currently struggling with the first unit test plug-in fragment. It is building perfectly but when gradle/buildship tries to run the unit test the spawned Eclipse process fails with the IllegalStateException “Unable to acquire application service. Ensure that the org.eclipse.core.runtime bundle is resolved and started (see config.ini)”.

Has anybody experienced the same problem?
Did I configure something wrong (see my build.gradle below)?

– build.gradle –

evaluationDependsOn('<fragment host gradle project id>)

apply plugin: eclipse build.TestBundlePlugin

version = <version>

dependencies {
    compile project('<fragment host gradle project id>')
    // repeated for the fragment host project's dependencies that are also built from this project tree
    compile 'unit:unit:4.11'

sourceSets {
    main {
        java {
            srcDir 'src-test'
        resources {
            srcDir 'resources'

eclipseTest {
    fragmentHost '<fragment host name>'
    applicationName 'org.eclipse.pde.junit.runtime.coretestapplication'

Hi Klaus,

The build script assembling Buildship is a tailor-made solution for the project. Because of this, I’d need more insight why exactly your test execution use-case doesn’t work.

I’d invite you to check out two classes which implementing the plugin testing feature:

If you go through these files you’ll understand the testing process and you’ll be able to debug your setup.