Test status logging outputs blank line before each method name - how to fix?

Hi. Here is my test logging configuration:

testLogging {
            events 'passed', 'skipped', 'failed', 'standardOut', 'standardError'
            exceptionFormat 'full'
            stackTraceFilters 'truncate', 'groovy'

When I run the tests, they are logged like this:

Gradle test > testClass.testMethodA PASSED

Gradle test > testClass.testMethodB PASSED

Gradle test > testClass.testMethodB PASSED

i.e. there are blank lines before each test execution status. This makes our logs that are huge already even longer. Is there a way to just suppress this additional line? I am on gradle 1.2.


There is no way to suppress the blank line. Maybe it would be better to omit it, but then you do want it once there is more output per test. If your logs are too big, the best solution is to reduce the logging.