Test results remnants after removing some unit tests from code

I’ve noticed that if I have a unit tests results in build directory and then I delete one of unit test, result files of removed tests persists in

…\build\test-results\ directory and are shown on html reports and export to sonar, this looks like a bug? Or I’m wrong?

For good or bad, that’s how it works at the moment. Occasionally, it is useful (at least for me), because I can view the results from all my recent test runs (when I run specific, selected tests). I’m not sure if we want to change this behavior. If you need fresh reports you can run: ‘gradle cleanTest test’

Hope that helps!

thanks, Szczepan I have prepared script exactly as you explained, but it is loss of performance cleaning test results everytime and it’s confusing when you are not aware that it works in that way. Maybe you should have a flag for debugging purposes?

Can you try with latest nightly? We’ve done much improvements to the test reporting.