Test progress logging not working properly when parallel test execution


(Predrag Knezevic) #1

TestCountLogger change added in the commit
3a161e6f9b4864a4bd21392a1ee5880a3f578662 breaks progress logging when tests are executed in parallel. To sketch you an example: two test classes each with a single test are executed in parallel. All TestCounterLogger.beforeTest() invocations happen before all TestCounterLogger.afterTest() invocations, making that on the console we have the message 0 tests completed even after both tests complete. IMHO, progressLogger.progress(summary(); should be returned into afterTest method.



(Gary Hale) #2

Thanks for reporting this Predrag. I’ve confirmed there is an issue when running tests with parallel executors and opened Gradle-3450. This should be fixed in 2.14.