Test does not create report if build failed and TestReport is always up-to-date

Using Gradle 2.0, having multiple tests running in parallel, one of the executors failed the entire build. While I see the point of stopping after that task with the message:

> Process 'Gradle Test Executor 6' finished with non-zero exit value 1

I don’t like the fact it did not create a report for the other tests. After all it did finish testing all the others, even after this single executor failed. So either fail-fast, and don’t let me wait for a few hours to finish up stuff, or give me the report for the executed tests, so I might get an inside on why the test failed so miserably, that it terminated the JVM.

Now I do have the binary test result, so I though, well let’s just execute the TestReport task on its own:

task('testReport', type: TestReport) {
    dependsOn = [] // avoiding rerun of already run task
      destinationDir = new File(buildDir, 'reports/test/')

But no matter what information I feed this task, it will always be skipped as up-to-date :frowning:

Suggestions? (Besides rerunning all the tests, skipping the erroneous one).